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Artist Statement by Carol T​aylor-Kearney: REFLECTION-WINDOW-REFLECTION

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Figures taken from black and white photographs become the subject of oil on wallboard sketches that are used to create larger narratives in reverse painting on the glass of old windows.


For the windows themselves, the narratives come from a combination of imagining a setting for the figures and connecting this scenario to a well-known artwork painted on the front of the window.  Together, the painting in reverse and the addition in the front of the glass cause a condition I call "Disjunctivitis".


Dysjunctivitis: a condition in which meaning is derived from either focusing on or blending disparate information.


Photographs are an excellent source for this as they are very familiar and very adaptible.  Have you ever looked at a photograph and said, “That doesn’t look like me”; or found that what you remember and what someone else remembers is different? Photographs document our lives, but the stories they show change with time and circumstance.


Taken out of context and mixed with other elements, I leave a case of “dysjunctivitis”, that is, a choice between focusing on each of the elements or melding them to “see” the painting as a whole.

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