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Artist Statement by Carol T​​aylor-Kearney: ILLUMINATING CHILDHOOD

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The subjects and themes in Illuminating Childhood  come from poems, songs, sayings, and stories that were were spoken and sung to me as a child.  I also remember sharing them with my children as well.  Most of these diddies are built on relationships between people—friends, children at play, activities of celebration.  They express some of the “learning play” that teaches us about our world and they ignite my imagination. The glass portion contains the main story. The casement of the window is carved and painted as a continuation of the theme on the glass.  In this way the casement acts as an embellished frame closer to the world of the viewer, and provides more information.  This is similar to the border found on illuminated manuscripts.  By making the scenes on windows, the viewer is literally looking back through into the world that the painting depicts.  They can become part of the circle of friends and the circle of memory.  

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