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Artist Statement by C​arol T​​aylor-Kearney: EYES ARE THE WINDOWS TO THE SOUL

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Eyes are a distinguishing characteristic of an individual.  What happens when the eyes are blocked?  Is intent removed, is identity secreted?  Is greater emphasis put on the other characteristics or actions of the individual?  Do people become an abstract, the embodiment of what they do; or a stereotype, the embodiment of a convention?  Is it true—“Eyes are the windows to the soul”?


The “Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul…” is an installation of representational paintings in oil that are based on cliché, both visual and verbal.  The subjectmatter  of each painting is composed of a discernible scene of children and families in their local, suburban landscape.  The presentation is of a known saying, the colors used are those linked with the objects that are being depicted.  In this way these are "cliche paintings", not meant to be ironic as much as to be associative.


Installation was at Muse Gallery from August 31 - October 2, 2005.

Read a review of this show by Ed Sozanski of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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