Artist Statement by Carol T​aylor-Kearney: DYSJUNCTIVITIS

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Dysjunctivitis: a condition in which meaning is derived from either focusing on or blending disparate information.


Have you ever looked at a photograph and said, “That doesn’t look like me”; or found that what you remember and what someone else remembers is different? Photographs document our lives, but the stories they show change with time and circumstance. This adaptability allows elements of pictures to be taken out of context and arrange for an alternative story. This I paint on the back of a windowpane. In turn, the pictures and the stories that I imagine suggest an art masterwork. Portions of these artworks are superimposed on the glass surface and casement of the window; sometimes I even collage cutouts or small items on the surfaces as well. Each painting I create is a literal depiction of the various layers of my source materials. For the viewer I leave a case of “dysjunctivitis”, that is, a choice between focusing on each of the elements or melding them to “see” the painting as a whole.